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CAR-GO Feature

We provide an all-in-one complete service

Professional and sufficient communication with customers

Advance and reliable manufacturing is our motto

We provide an all-in-one complete service

Car-Go Industries provides customers with a complete customization solution, from initial product concept, market research, design and production to final assembly and packaging. The Car-Go team is dedicated to achieving excellence and meeting the high standards and quality that our customers have come to expect and rely on.

Professional and sufficient communication with customer

Every step of each product will be discussed in detail by our design engineering team, with full communication and input from the customer. The customer can be sure that the final product will exactly meet their needs and specifications, as well as being up to date and fitting the latest market trends.

Advance and reliable manufacturing is our motto

From the initial sketches through the 2D and 3D design, the concept is continuously reviewed and revised until the design is finalized. A prototype is then produced which is fitted to ensure that the form and function meet all specifications. After completion of the prototype a 3D scan is taken and this data is then used to produce a mold. After the mold has been carefully inspected, the CNC or laser cutter is programmed and aligned ready for final production. A lot of time and effort is spent on R&D, however this is justified in the resulting high quality finished product.

Company Vision

Current business, we provide one-stop plastic vacuum forming products, suitable for all passenger cars, ship interior plastic parts, sports equipment, industrial packaging ... etc. We provide:

  1. product design (3D modeling rendering)
  2. a variety of plastic materials selection (ABS, ASA, ASA+PC, HDPE, PE)
  3. effective and efficient of operating to ensure quality and costs save (from mold development, plastic molding, exterior cutting, assembly packaging, and prompt delivering)

Company Outlook

Human resours : recruit professional managers who specialize in plastic products. To train sophisticate engineer in graphic design and NC operator reeducate staff. To seek potential partners who obtain advance skill or technology Site Integration equipment. Purchase rotary molding machines and robotic arm cutting machine. Purchase one piece molding machine to enhance production speed and quality apply logistics management operations.
Products : continued expand existing product lines, To develop Vehicle Fenders Plastic Products Roof compartment Development (PICK UP BED LINER) Marketing - sustained national exhibition.